I started out life as a physicist. Initially I worked on theoretical particle physics (lattice QCD), but then switched to quantum gravity (topological quantum field theory and state sum models).

After that, I turned my hand to economics. I worked on a grab-bag of different topics, including romantic matching, affirmative action, and an overhaul of the way economists model markets.

(As an amusing aside; my first thesis was entitled "Topological quantum field theory and quantum gravity". My second thesis was entitled "Economics and stuff")

From there I worked in the private sector as a data scientist, which I continue today. I also somehow fell back into academia. I'm currently a Chancellor's fellow at the University of Edinburgh, doing research in health data science, statistics and machine learning.

I am interested in effective charitable interventions, and since 2007 I have donated 20% of my income to charity. I have been involved in various combat sports (Brazilian jiu-jitsu, boxing, freestyle wrestling, MMA) since I was a teenager, at times competitively. I also play violin, with varying levels of success.